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Aaron Ringer

Aaron Ringer is an artist from Warner Robins, Georgia. He has loved art since he was a child and through his time at Georgia College has found his love for graphic design and digital illustration. In the past few years he has done artwork in all different mediums and has been working on T-shirt design along with screen printing over the last year. He runs his own T-shirt business out of his home and designs, prints, and ships everything himself. Currently, he is a graphic design major at Georgia College & State University and plans to enter the field of design upon graduation. 


Work is for sale


The theme within my artwork is joy. Joy is a feeling people often seek and can even be the driving motive in ones life. Ive always been interested In this because it is such a powerful state of mind that people often associate with many different people, events, or activities. My artwork is meant to convey this feeling through my own style of digital illustration. I am depicting this through a vibrant and complex composition filled with original characters. This gives a sense of celebration which I consider to be one of the most joyous instances in life. I plan to depict this as a unified scene displayed across 3 large prints to create a cohesive environment and add to the scale which I believes heightens the emotion and wonder associated with joy and celebration. 

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