Abbey Smith headshot


Abbey Smith is a fine art studio major with a concentration in painting. They are a visual artist focusing in both digital and traditional media, using color and vivid imagery in their work to show an interesting view into the mind. Each piece of work is made with passion and dedication. Their work has a sense of nostalgia and transfers the viewer into the works.


Work is not for sale


This body of work depicts the effect mental illness has on one’s perception of self. Individuals living with these conditions face numerous roadblocks and I enhance their true beauty and depict the weight they carry as something noticeable and disruptive. The portraits are a likeness of those closest to me with additions of various lighting protruding from inside their forms. This allows the feelings attached to their illness to be made visible and allows the viewer to experience the minute ray of hope that resides in everyone. Each piece is created with the entity that the subjects relate to their experiences. The overall composition encompasses the heartfelt impact of each illness and the day-to-day battles faced by these everyday people.