Allie Jones is an artist from Alpharetta, Georgia and her main medium is Graphic Design and Photography.  She is graduating from Georgia College in May 2021 with a B.A. in Art with a concentration in Graphic Design and a Minor in Marketing.  She has loved being creative her whole life and has enjoyed photography since the first time she could get her hands on a camera. She developed a passion for digital art during her freshman year of college and plans to continue pursuing this after graduation.  She aims to create approachable and inspiring work as she combines her two interests of graphic design and photography.   



Work is for sale.

Project Description

This series focuses on how our view of the world has shifted since COVID-19.  Through the combination of photographs, text, and graphic manipulation I create images that allow the viewer to see how this pandemic has impacted our actions and emotions.  Each image is inspired by a different season we spent in quarantine.  This body of work aims to illustrate being stuck in our familiar surroundings and longing for normalcy.  

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