Allyssa Clements is from Cordele, Georgia. She will graduate from Georgia College in May of 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts, a concentration in Fine Art Studio, and a minor in Spanish Language and Culture. Allyssa’s primary discipline is sculpture, and she has additional experience with woodworking, painting, graphic design, and printmaking. Allyssa will continue her studies at the University of Tennessee beginning in August of 2021 to pursue a Master of Landscape Architecture.




Project Description

As the world rapidly moves towards urbanization, I believe that it is important for society to pay attention to the behaviors and patterns within the natural world in order to coexist. My work explores the interaction between the natural and built environment and how the two can cohabit to give a beneficial experience to both. In the process of creating this work, I thought about how architecture and nature interact with each other. With nature as a source of inspiration and society as a steward, I have curated a space where two different environments can benefit each other, simulating a mutualistic relationship between the two. 

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