Alyssa Rawls is a graphic designer from Thomaston, Georgia who will be graduating with honors and receiving her BA in Art with a concentration in graphic design and a minor in philosophy. She specializes in graphic designs, concentrating on branding and marketing. She combines her ethical studies with intentional design to create a strong sense of branding centered around emotion and feeling. As she finishes her school career, she plans to continue to grow her freelancing business, Alyssa Graphics Co., while pursuing a professional career in graphic design at LB Marketing in Alpharetta, Georgia.


Work is for sale.

Project Description

Common Grounds Coffee Company was built from conversations around my dining room table in my hometown of Thomaston, Georgia. I created branding and marketing for this coffee shop around the central theme that so many young 20 somethings are on the search for: a sense of peace and familiarity. Playing with comforting, warm colors, street names from my hometown, and familiar architecture, I created Common Grounds in the image of Thomaston, Georgia using the Adobe Suite and Procreate. My designs are meant to emphasize the relationship that can be formed from an atmosphere like Common Grounds: a place where people can gather, just like my family, to discuss dreams of unimaginable proportions and feel a little more inspired with Common Grounds Coffee in their mugs.

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