Alyssa McCarley

Alyssa McCarley is an artist from Locust Grove, Georgia majoring in Art with a concentration in Fine Arts (Studio) and a minor in Business Administration. She has worked in her communities both in Locust Grove and Milledgeville to create colorful mural pieces for local businesses and fostered a relationship with the community by tabling her art at the local Deep Roots Festival. Her background consists mostly of printmaking, painting, and nontraditional sculpture often rooted in controversial topics such as capitalism, and politics. While also working on design work, she sometimes features “ugly”, or “gruesome” characters. With her work she plans to hopefully move forward into a gallery setting or work towards another art related job.



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Project Description

This painting highlights the shortcomings of Late Capitalism by showing how big systems affect us all through major topics including Big Pharma, Lean-staffing, Housing Crisis', Corrupt corporations and more.  The piece also displays the idea of our worth today being largely based off how much we can produce and the issues that come with that way of thinking. More information about the piece can be found below in the full-length artist statement. To better view the full photos, feel free to open them by clicking on them to enlarge the image.


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