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Ashlyn Corkery

Ashlyn Corkery is from Commerce, Georgia and is graduating in May 2022 with a BA in Studio Art and a minor in Sociology. Ashlyn has a concentration in painting, but fell in love with ceramics her sophomore year. She continues to pursue her practice of painting, but chose ceramics as her medium of choice for her capstone project. Her work is inspired by her love for the creation of objects and their functional use. Through her works she hopes to inspire others to recognize that art is an active part of everyday life. After graduation she plans to attend graduate school to receive a MFA in Studio Art to pursue a career as a professor of art at the collegiate level.  


Work is for sale


I will be presenting tableware in the Leland Gallery.  I want to showcase my ceramic designs to show the connection between objects and how I see a parallel among people and relationships. My goal is to emphasize the interaction that people have with one another and focus on the lasting impression that is made through a shared meal.  I have been creating and altering ceramic forms that abut, join, and overlap their partner forms.  I am also developing a system for glazing using cobalt blue and white for simplicity to focus on the forms, to show my mark making, and exhibit the connection between the forms. My plan for the display of the forms it to bring in a kitchen table into the gallery and display the tableware in a domestic context. 

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