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Brittany Green

Brittany Green is from Forsyth, Georgia and is graduating in May 2022 with a BA in Studio Art. She has always loved to draw and create since she was a child, which led her to pursue a career in art. She is inspired by her personal experiences and the people she has met in her life. Her primary art medium is painting, but she also loves photography and printmaking. After graduating, Brittany plans to become a high school art teacher so she can teach and inspire future young artists. 


Work is for sale


Body positivity is about celebrating all body types and challenging the ideas society has created about having the “perfect body.” Young women have been surrounded by these unrealistic body standards their whole lives and have continuously strived to look a certain way. I have chosen to make a series of paintings that showcase what normal bodies look like in order to have more representation of different body types. By looking at my work, women can see that these body types are more normal than they think. My hope for the viewer when they look at my work is to feel more accepting and confident in their own bodies. 

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