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Caroline Lohn


Caroline Lohn is from Skidaway Island, Georgia. She will graduate from Georgia College in May of 2022 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art with a concentration in Graphic Design. Caroline’s primary disciplines are graphic design and ceramics, she has been a freelance graphic designer in the Savannah area, as well as a graphic design intern for both a small business in Savannah and Greater Milledgeville Young Life during her time at Georgia College. Throughout her time in college Caroline has been a volunteer leader for Young Life, been on the executive board of the French Club, and an active member in her community. While pursuing her degree in Graphic Design and working as an intern, Caroline has owned her own floral design business since 2019, creating for weddings and events throughout the South and low country. After graduation Caroline plans to continue building her floral design business and create art that she is passionate about.

Work is not for sale


My exhibit will be comprised of a series of ceramic cups. I am designing porcelain drinking vessels with formal ideas in mind such as contours, surface, and repetition. I am using the mold making slip casting method to realize this body of work and am in the middle of the process of fabrication. My plan is to use various ceramic glazes to emphasize design elements such as color, line, shape, rhythm, and texture. My goal is to exhibit a series of cups designs – in multiples- to show both unity and variety and the engaged design process using ceramics.

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