Chloe Keadle

Chloe Keadle is originally from Perry, Georgia. She is pursuing a BA in Fine Arts at Georgia College and State University. She will be graduating in May 2020. While enrolled at Georgia College Chloe has been honing her skills in ceramics and painting for the past several years. Originally a painter, Chloe blended her skills with her passion of ceramics to create three dimensional works of art with intricate detail. Chloe’s evolution into three dimensional art making allowed her to challenge the boundaries of figurative characteristics, utilizing animals and human figures to explore the depths of relationships and compositions


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Project Description

I am investigating the translation of knowing and understanding people into a series of nine acrylic paintings. Each painting is inspired by our uniqueness as humans and is meant to imitate diverse characteristics of people around us. Each painting embodies unique characteristics of people and how they relate to the world around them. This exploration of physical, emotional, and behavioral qualities makes up my series of paintings about relationships.

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