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Dixie Blanton

Dixie Blanton is an artist from Ambrose, Georgia, graduating May 2022. They have always had a passion for art, especially when they were a child. They work in all mediums but primarily photography and mixed media works, inspired by personal experience. They will graduate with a Bachelor’s of Art with a concentration in studio and a minor in psychology. Afterwards, they plan to attend graduate school for their master’s in clinical mental health with an art therapy concentration.

Work is for sale


In Wired, a series of mixed media works consisting of resin, acrylic, and three dimensional objects, I bring awareness to mental health by illustrating pills in patterns. Scattered pills are acommon thread among the works to illustrate that medication is the primary route as opposed tonontraditional therapy, such as cognitive behavioral. With this, I briefly delve into chemicalimbalances as a side effect. My work invites the viewer to think and experience second hand the life of the one in five adults who live with mental illness. I chose to work symbolically to keepthe viewer’s attention on the important message rather than the intricacy of my work. My work iseasy to digest but facilitates discussion as it lingers in the mind.

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