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Emma Dietz

Emma is a Studio Art major with Marketing minor from Newnan, Georgia. Throughout her life, art has always been prevalent and there was no hesitation to pursue it as a career. She is inspired by abstract expressionism and mixed media. During her time here in the Department of Art, she has explored many mediums including woodworking, ceramics, painting, printmaking, and graphic design. For the past four years, she has grown her commission-based art business, Art by ED, in an expansion of mediums and marketing efforts. After graduation, she plans to continue growing her business and hopes to accept a position in branding, product design, or social media coordinating.



Work is not for sale


Idiosyncrasies is the first triptych I have done in which my artistry has been fully immersed in the work. After experimenting with many different ideas and mediums, I built my canvases, primed them, and then painted them.

While creating these works, I was thinking about unity and balance within color and form. Simultaneously, I wanted each of these works to have different details and stroke to follow the theme of difference between human perspectives. All works are fully painted with a palette knife, adding hue only to scrape it away to reveal underlying colors. The process of my work is heavily influenced by Gerhard Richter’s Abstracts from the 1980s to 2000s.

Outside of painting, these pieces incorporate holographic mica powder - after trial and error with many color changing mediums, I decided the powder achieved my goal. As I want this work to be open to interpretation by every eye met, using a material that literally changed from different point of views was vital. The first layer of mica powder is placed by brushing the powder over areas with applied leaf adhesive. The second and last layer is affixed with a palette knife and mixture of mica, varnish, and media gel. Once the works were complete, I hand-crafted the floating frames using poplar wood.

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