Haley Janes

Haley Janes is a multimedia 2-D artist specializing in works that revolve around aesthetic and self-expression. Born in Italy, and spending 5 years of her childhood in Lakenheath, England, she grew up taking in the many influences that “classical art” offers in the form of monuments. That influence in tandem with her great love of fiction has led to art becoming a key form of expression in her life, and what she hopes to be a career in creating media for the United States Government. Her style can be characterized by its use of classical figures with a fantasy-themed twist, in both digital and traditional mediums.

Email: fullmetal.heart117@gmail.com

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It is said by many that all people have evil deep inside of them, but I believe that on the opposite side of that coin, all people have a potential for true goodness in them as well. Portrayals of the 7 Deadly Sins have been made throughout the ages, but in order to promote love and celebrate the light that we all have within us, each virtue that I’ve portrayed displays a trait that counters a sin in the form of large-scale digital print with ink and gold-leaf embellishing.

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