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Hayley Johnson

Hayley Johnson is from Alpharetta, Georgia and will be graduating in May 2022 with a BA in Studio Art with a minor in Psychology. She is primarily a mixed media artist with a focus in painting, printmaking, photography, and textile mediums. Her works are inspired by her personal experiences with social identity and her love for art history. After her graduation, Hayley intends to continue her education at Georgia State University so she can become a Professor of Fine Arts.


Work is for sale


This series uses the subversion of long-standing Christian narratives to express the dichotomy of the queer-Christian experience. I use Procreate, a digital painting program, to create the works in order to juxtapose the historical appearance with the modern approach. When I work, I reflect upon the experiences I have had as a queer person raised in the Christian faith and the ways those experiences have shaped me. I hope that viewers are able to gain a better understanding of the struggles queer people face in a Christian lead society. 

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