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Holly Duffy

Holly Duffy is from Alpharetta, Georgia. She will graduate from Georgia College in May of 2022, receiving a Bachelor of Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design and a minor in Marketing. While her main focus is in the graphic arts, Holly also enjoys woodworking for its physicality and industrious nature, bringing it into her work when she can. After completing her degree at Georgia College, she plans to move to Atlanta and begin working in branding or digital marketing with the hopes of employing both her artistic and analytical background.  




Work is for sale


This project encompasses an interactive installation of graphic designs, woodworking, and customized products that support Clover Coffee House. The environment includes common physical objects, visual features, and smells that one may experience while visiting a café. In terms of branding and theme, I have captured an essence of Ireland by employing specific designs, colors, and simple coffee traditions. 

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