Isabel Godfrey is an artist from Winder, Georgia whose concentration is in graphic design. She is currently studying at Georgia College & State University and will graduate in May of 2021. Her father was a graphic designer, and she gained her interest in art through him. Originally planning to major in computer science, Isabel is interested in designing video games. She is also passionate about music and horse riding.  





Project Description

The project I created this semester is a business identity for an ideal homesteading farm client called Hands High Homestead. It represents a homesteading business that provides fresh produce to the local rural communities and who encourages both eating healthy and limiting exposure to other people during the COVID-19 pandemic. The “client” is loosely based on my neighbor’s homesteading farm, who I used for my main reference. The designs include the logo/signature, signage, a website, an Instagram account, and merchandise, including, but not limited to, shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and seeds for someone to start their own garden with. This project was done in the Adobe Creative Suite and the website was made on Wix. 

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