Jacalyn Carper

Jacalyn Carper, from Rincon, Georgia, graduates in May 2020 with a BA degree in Fine Art Studio with a focus in ceramics. She has always had a passion for art and for teaching. Jacalyn has had several opportunities to showcase her work and to teach ceramics in such settings as Kids-n-Clay and Night of 100 Pots during her time as a ceramic student. She also had the privilege to collaborate in ceramic student shows such as the Cherokee Brick Company exhibition and the Ice Cream CBEL art-in-action event. Jacalyn has a heart for both ceramics and people, which led to the development of her narrative ceramic vessels series. This series showcases her abilities to create a story and use her craftsmanship in ceramics.






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Project Description

The ceramic vessel series “A Boy and a Box” expresses the journey of a creative child named Redd who makes new things from a discarded cardboard box. This series illustrates the joy of discovery and is reflective of my own craft.  In this series, I am using the vessel to serve as the containment of an idea. My ideas about the space between the lost and the found are both about discovery of the unknown and also about the journey of finding meaning.


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