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Jessie Deyo

Jessie Deyo, an artist from Atlanta, Georgia, will be graduating receiving her BA in Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design and a minor in Marketing. Her passions fall specifically in graphic design advertising and experiential branding. Her works focus on the relationships between both the fundamentals of art and design principles. Her interests in environmental and social change are incorporated into her arts in effort to make the commercial art more socially responsible. Upon graduating from Georgia College & State University in May of 2022, Jessie plans to continue expanding her knowledge of branding in the corporate world. 


Work is not for sale


The Emporium Branding Project focuses on the experiential branding of an up-and-coming grocery store and food counter. The store is meant to appeal to a young target audience focused on both the aesthetics of products and their contribution to sustainability in the face of increasing potential environmental catastrophes. The inclusion of environmentally friendly design and how it can be better incorporated into commercial settings is seen in the formation of design and product choice. The Emporium uses compostable and sustainably sourced products that replace single-use plastics and promotes incorporating reusable and refillable entities into both shopping and day-to-day routine while placing substantial focus on the consumer to be able to find a sense of self in a process that is traditionally impersonal and profit-based. In this design project, I use cohesive branding, interactive design, and sensory marketing, to make the viewer feel recognized. This is design that is immersive and personal.  

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