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Jordan Prinsen

Jordan Prinsen is from Marietta, Georgia. She will graduate in May of 2022 with a BA in Studio Art.  As a young girl, she had a love for using her imagination and creating artwork of all kinds. Starting college, Jordan began as a nursing major, but her desire to create was rediscovered her sophomore year which led her to change to studio art. Over the years, she has gained experience in graphic design, drawing, painting, woodworking, ceramics, and printmaking. While she enjoys these forms, she discovered a special love for sculpture in expanded media. Being an art major allowed her to interact with many different kinds of people which allowed her to realize her love for people. After graduation, Jordan plans to get an internship that will allow her to utilize her love for art and her love for people. In October, she will begin a Christian mission training school called Circuit Riders, which is what she will be doing for the next year.


Work is for sale


My work consists of three abstract, thread pieces which altogether convey a story of darkness being transformed or overcome by light. I have found that when I use one material as the medium but I use a lot of it, it is powerful. Like painting, I use the layering of different colors to create depth, contrast, texture and liveliness within each piece. As I worked spontaneously with the thread, shapes began to form without plan and each piece takes on a life of its own. I choose to create large atmospheric work, to capture the attention of the viewer more fully and capture the significance of the works meaning. I was motivated by my love for Jesus and people to create something honest, that can produce a realization of true hope, love and joy in others. 

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