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Laney Cowan, from Jackson, Georgia, is graduating in December 2021 with a BA in Studio Art. She has always loved to draw as a child, which led to her desire to paint the world around her. Her preferred art medium is painting, although she loves woodworking, photography, and ceramics. After graduating, Laney plans to continue her education in the field of Cosmetology, where she takes her artistic abilities beyond the classroom. Her dream is to open a salon that combines cosmetology with art making by providing hair services, painting classes, and an art gallery. 


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I will be creating a series of seven acrylic paintings that each represent how my Ugandan sister, Esther’s, vibrant personality and love spread through each one of my family members. Esther has created a deeper bond within my family, strengthened our faith, and made us have a deeper understanding for one another. These paintings will depict scenes of our everyday lives, memories that are incredible special to my family, as well as, portraits that illustrate Esther’s story. I hope the viewer will see the bond that my family shares and recognize that family is not determined by your DNA type, but the connection you share with the ones you love.