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Laurie Gentry, an artist from Trion, Georgia, will be graduating with honors and receiving her BA in Fine Arts with a concentration in Studio Art and a minor in psychology. While her primary specializations are in photography and printmaking, she works in a variety of mediums including painting, drawing, and mixed media. Her works are inspired by personal experiences and her belief in the power of creative expression. Upon graduating from Georgia College & State University in December of 2021, Laurie plans to attend graduate school for an MS in Art Therapy to continue working towards her goal of using art to help others. 


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Throughout life, there are times that it feels like the walls are caving in on you, draining your confidence and making it harder to keep going. Gaining confidence comes from finding sources of encouragement and happiness all around you. In my silver gelatin prints, I captured my own personal sources of inspiration that helped me get through this season of my life. I learned from them that I am capable of growth, progress, and success regardless of any challenges that may come my way. The satisfaction I felt in making these prints was one that could only have been achieved with the support I found in my subjects, and the confidence I gained from this process is something indescribable that I will cherish forever.