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Mary Frances Ludington was born in Maryland, then moved to Peachtree City Georgia in 2011. After graduating high school, she continued her education by enrolling in Georgia Military College to receive her Associates degree while also working as a background casting PA. She then decided to pursue her love for art by majoring in Studio Art at Georgia College & State University. After she graduates in December of 2021, she plans to work as an art instructor for Blue Cicada studios in Peachtree City and have her own pottery studio where she can sell her work. 


Work is for sale


I have always felt a connection to cartoons sense I was a child. This work shows how cartoons can be used to relate to many people and bring them together. Each portrait illustrates an emotion or experience I have had while in certian environments. Frankie, the giraffe is the realization that I am not a child anymore, life will get harder, and I will have many responsibilities. She is also who I am at my core someone who is growing up and learning. Crash, the cheetah is my rebellious side, when becoming an adult and moving away from my parents, I felt a sense of freedom that I wanted to explore. This is also who I am when I’m with my friends having fun and sometimes getting into trouble. Scooter, the rhinoceros he is who I am with my parents at home where I feel safest and shows how scared I am of thinking about having to grow up and leave my childhood behind. Blondie, the hornbill is my responsible side, the part of me that strives for perfection and is proud. She also represents my ambitions and excitement for the future. Lastly, a self portrait to connect the characters to myself and show that they are all pieces of me.