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Mary Douberly

Mary Douberly is an artist based in Savannah and Milledgeville Georgia. She is a multimedia artist that works in printmaking but does not limit herself to any particular medium. Her work involves society's effects and emotional repercussions. Working subconsciously she allows her imagery to speak for itself. She has plans in the future to attend graduate school to receive her MFA. 


Work is for sale


I wish to tell the story of the grotesque human condition that is a result of modern existential dread by rejecting an objective reality to portray strong subjective emotions that take over the subject in question. Through different mediums, I will be able to show a range of emotions that are created by these processes. While I am using various media I am focusing on printmaking as my main medium to execute this story. Printmaking has this innate violence within its processes that I want to include within my work. Emotions aren’t easy or clean but are loud and violent. Intaglio, one of the main print processes I will be using, has this innate violence within its process that shows in the final product. To create an image through intaglio you take a needle to scratch the image into the metal plate and place it in acid to get a rough and gruesome depiction. Through printmaking, I will be able to portray the twisted emotions I want to achieve throughout my work.

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