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Morgan Smith

Morgan Smith is an artist from East Dublin, GA. She will be graduating from Georgia College State University with a Bachelor Degree in Arts. Her major is Fine Art Studio and her minor is Marketing. Even though her primary skills are photography and painting, she loves to work with a variety of mediums including drawing, 2D and 3D design, and graphic design. Her inspiration comes from her family, especially from her mother. Her mother saw potential in her and encourage her to pursue and perfect her skills as an artist. After graduating from GCSU, she will be looking forward to continue to practicing her skills and to hopeful one day to open up a business as a freelance artist.


Work is for sale


In my painting series, I will be focusing on creating original myths and lore of horrific creatures. I have always had a fascination with the strange and unusual, which has inspired me to learn more about it. What I have learned so far is that these myths started as just stories, but became something more. For example, the Slender Man, which was created by Eric Knudsen, is a fictional supernatural entity that became popular in 2009. This bewitching creature has a striking and ominous appearance whose objective is to haunt one’s nightmares. This is but one of many stories that inspired me. The art style is a mix between portraiture and comic style. I based my color scheme on Saul Bass work. He uses red, black, and white colors in his work. The color red has always been one of the universal color codes for alert or warning. I specifically chose this color for the reason that I want my paintings to have this alertness. Something that will catch the eyes of any viewers that walk by. Each painting will also have lore placed next to them to provide information on these fiends. This will not only provide information to the viewer, but it will give my creatures more depth in their presence.

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