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Olivia Berke

Olivia Berke is a young, new artist from Macon, Georgia dedicating her life to the arts. Olivia is graduating with a BA in Art with a concentration in Studio Art. An artist with skills in multiple domains, specifically in digital illustration, photography, and printmaking, Olivia finds herself constantly creating artworks of both digital and traditional mediums. After finishing her undergraduate degree, Olivia is planning to pursue her MFA in Ilustration after her graduation. 

Work is for sale


For my capstone, I will create six photographs that will conceptually display moments in the contemporary era where women are still silenced. To create these pieces, I will be using a Canon DSLR camera and printing the images onto sheets of paper of multiple sizes. The six works will be inspired by Barbara Kruger’s feminist themes along with Cindy Sherman’s feminist themes in her artwork, specifically in the traditional societal expectations of women. The project's outcome will be to represent the challenges that women must still confront and inspire change in the current society to aid women's advancement as equals.

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