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Sarah Sander

Sarah Sander is from Suwanee, Georgia. She is graduating from Georgia College and State University in May 2022 with a BA in Studio Art. She has been an aspiring artist ever since she could hold a pencil. Her preferred art mediums are digital illustration, painting, and printmaking. After graduating, Sarah plans to further her education in graduate school before pursuing a career in teaching art. 



Work is for sale


For my capstone, I have decided to create a series of artist books. These artist books will be small intimate objects that viewers can interact with by holding and flipping through them. That is why the format of a book is inviting for viewers. They spark curiosity about what lies within. The focus of these books will be dreams that I have had throughout my life. The subject of dreams is vast. This allows for, not only the artist to ponder their meanings, but the viewer, again, gets to engage in the work by creating their own interpretations. The nature of these artist books is multimedia, so rather than choose one medium to work in, I decided on a format. These books will allow me the freedom to explore different artistic techniques within a unified series, while the subject matter will allow me to create surreal scenes for all to enjoy. 

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