Stephanie Johnson is currently a senior at Georgia College and State University, working towards a BA in Fine Studio Art. While her concentrations are Graphic Design and Printmaking, she works in a wide variety of mediums including paint, drawing, and even some photography. Upon graduation she hopes to start her career in Macon, GA, as a freelance artist and graphic designer.





Project Description

As an artist, I rely on my hands everyday, and I often think of how tragic it would be to not have them. Our physical bodies directly impact our lives and our relationships. With this series of prints, I am illustrating a variety of ways in which people rely on their hands to do the activities they love. Handwritten letters accompany each illustration, telling how each activity has played an important role in interacting and communicating with others. I chose to work with print media, as it is a very physical process that challenges my own hands. The long hours of carving and cramping are worth the end result--artwork that communicates my personal ideas to the world. 

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