Thuy West

Thuy West, from Roswell, Georgia will graduate in May 2021 with a BA degree in Fine Art Studio with a focus in painting. Her passion for art goes back until she can remember, as well as her love for teaching. She has also had the privilege of traveling to Uganda on multiple occasions and interacting with the people in the country. Her experience and interactions with the women and children in Uganda inspired her to create a series of mixed media paintings focusing on the exploitation and progression of life. Her focus on detail and texture captures her artistic abilities to create a story.

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Project Description

My work displays a series of mixed media prints that creates a story line of vulnerable women, starting out as young adults to learning how to self-sustain themselves. The main idea is to bring awareness to the exploitation of women, particularly in Uganda, while also showing the progression and empowerment of women. While women continue to face oppression, labor, and struggles, they show strength when given the opportunity and resources for a new and safer way to provide for their family.


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